Briggs and Stratton Inverter Generator (4 Power Packed Options)

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“Briggs and Stratton” is a very popular manufacturer of gasoline engines. With 21 large facilities around the world and over 110 years in business, they triggered our attention. We decided to do a bit of testing and write some reviews for you.

Comparison table

We acquired some popular Briggs and Stratton generators and tested them for hours. What we noticed is that every single generator is fantastic. However, buying the right one to satisfy your needs can be a bit tricky.

That’s why we have prepared these Briggs and Stratton Inverter Generator Reviews to help you out.

Reviews & Buying Guide

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#1 Briggs and Stratton P3000 PowerSmart

Product Specifications


Briggs & Stratton P3000 Power Smart Series Inverter Generator review

Several things made us consider P3000 PowerSmart for testing. At first, let’s talk about its impressive functionality. P3000 comes with a user-friendly control panel, and a handy LCD screen. It displays all the info about performance as well as reminders about maintenance. Also, the control panel is very smooth and intuitive.

Several things made us consider P3000 PowerSmart for testing. At first, let’s talk about its impressive functionality. P3000 comes with a user-friendly control panel, and a handy LCD screen. It displays all the info about performance as well as reminders about maintenance. Also, the control panel is very smooth and intuitive.

Another great thing is that P3000 Briggs and Stratton generator has several outlets. While its main competitor Honda 3000iS has only two outlets, this generator has four. Besides, this inverter generator comes with a single 12V DC outlet and a USB port, which is pretty handy.

We should mention that P3000 weighs almost 50 kilograms. However, it comes with a lovely telescopic handle and large wheels, so moving this generator doesn’t seem like a big deal.

P3000 comes with a fantastic Quiet Power Technology. It automatically optimizes the engine speed and significantly lowers the noise. For example, at 30% load, it makes only around 60 dB of noise.

Other Features

This Briggs and Stratton generator comes with a fuel consumption optimization mechanism. It greatly saves money in the long term but also affects the generator’s runtime. The fuel tank has a capacity of around 6 liters and can run continuously for 9-10 hours at 30% load.

Of course, like every device, P3000 PowerSmart has some disadvantages, too. At first, it is not CARB compliant, therefore you can’t use it in California. There were also some reports that the generator failed to start. However, the problems were solved by a fantastic customer support team.


Shortly, P3000 is ideal for people who don’t need much power. It’s compact, very portable, and built of high-quality, durable materials. Its fuel consumption is also pretty decent.

  • Nice, compact design
  • Quiet
  • High-quality and reliable
  • We expected slightly better running power

#2 Briggs and Stratton P2200


Product Specifications

Briggs & Stratton P2200 Power Smart Series Inverter Generator review

P2200 offers an excellent combination of portable design and decent power. It’s built for recreational use, such as camping, which you can notice from the first glance at the generator. It is small, convenient, but offers excellent functionality.

P2200 inverter generator provides the starting power of 2200W and running energy of 1700W. It is pretty decent considering its size. It provides a safe and clean power to connect various sensitive electronic devices. For example, it’s ideal for smartphones and cameras. P2200 is also parallel, so you can pair it with another generator to increase the strength. We tested it with P3000, and the power was more than doubled.



Other Features

P2200 is a quiet generator, but still not as quiet as P3000. Although, the difference is minimal. On a quarter load, with a fuel tank completely full, it can run up to 8 hours continuously.

One of the biggest disadvantages of P2200 is that it doesn’t have a USB port. Another drawback might be power, but that strictly depends on your needs. Adding another generator can easily take care of your electricity needs.

  • Fuel-efficient
  • Decent running power
  • Not a single one USB port


Other than that, P2200 is an excellent device for outdoor trips. It is ideal for first-time users and has an awesome customer support team. They will help you out if you need to get it started or do some maintenance. If 1700 Watts of running power satisfies your needs, P2200 is your best choice!

#3 Briggs and Stratton P4500


Product Specifications

Briggs & Stratton P4500 Power Smart Series Inverter Generator review

P4500 inverter generator is ideal for multiple purposes. It will suit most RV travelers and campers, and help homeowners when the blackout happens. The generator is powered by a 224cc 4-stroke engine and delivers 120V. It also provides a running wattage of 3700W, which is pretty decent.

The generator comes with a classic pull-start mechanism and an elegant electric starter. It produces an average noise of 60dB and can operate up to 16 hours with a full fuel tank. Besides, the generator provides a clean sine wave, with less than 3% THD. It means that you can safely plug sensitive devices, such as DSLR cameras.

P4500 provides 5 AC outlets – two duplexes of 120V and 20A, and one TT-30R outlet with 120V and 30A. There are also two additional DC outlets with 5V to plug USBs to charge electronic devices. Thanks to its TT-30R outlet, the generator is RV Ready.

Other Features

There are a few more useful features that P4500 offers. At first, the control panel is equipped with a pretty handy Digital Data Center. It provides information about fuel level, current output, and lifetime run hours. When the oil is low, or the generator is overloaded, you will be notified by particular light indicators. If the oil level is low, the generator will shut-off automatically, which gives you complete peace of mind.

Another safety feature that P4500 has is Carbon-Monoxide shutdown. It detects harmful levels of carbon monoxide and shuts down if levels are high. It’s a nice feature, but still, you should never use the generator indoors.

There are only two things that we don’t like about this inverter generator. The first one is – we expected the remote start function in the generator of such quality. Also, P4500 has no EPA or CARB compliance, which is another disadvantage.

  • Convenient Digital Data Center
  • Automatic Carbon Monoxide shutdown
  • No remote-start function
  • No EPA or CARB compliance


Other than that, P4500 is an excellent inverter generator for multiple purposes. It provides excellent power, it’s quiet, and it doesn’t consume much fuel. Although it might be slightly heavy to carry around, P4500 is still an excellent choice for numerous occasions, whether it’s camping or home use.

#4 Briggs and Stratton Q6500


Product Specifications

Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500 Inverter Generator review

For people with demanding power needs, Q6500 might do the perfect job. It provides 6500 starting Watts and 5000 continuous Watts, which is ideal for multiple purposes.

As you can notice, Q6500 is somewhere between an inverter and a conventional generator. It has the advantages of both, but that combination also brings some disadvantages. For example, although it’s portable, Q6500 is still relatively heavy. It also produces more power and is, therefore, a bit noisier.

We compared Q6500 to most generators with the same output power, which led us to a few conclusions. At first, this generator is around 45% smaller than average, and 30% lighter. It’s much heavier than a casual 2000 Watts generator but it is one of the lightest and most portable in its power range.

When it comes to the number of outlets, we are quite impressed. It comes with 4 x 120V 20A outlets, as well as 2 USB sockets, and a single 120v/240v for tools that require more electricity. That outlet can also be used as an RV outlet, but the adapter is not included.

Other Features

With 66 dB of noise under 25% load, it’s not amazingly quiet. However, you can take advantage of its Quiet Power Technology feature, which is excellent. It adjusts the engine speed to the load and also makes the generator more energy efficient. Q6500 can run around 14 hours on a 25% load, which is immersive.

The control panel comes with a LED display that shows some of the basic info – power usage and fuel gauge. It’s enough to know for how long can you run it, but not much else. It also has the standard safety features, such as low-oil shutdown. However, the generator is not CARB compliant, which means that you can’t use it in California.

  • Quiet Power Technology is fantastic
  • Immersive runtime on a full tank
  • A bit noisy
  • Not CARB compliant


Generators Briggs and Stratton are excellent, and Q6500 is the best choice for satisfying high power demands. It’s a bit noisy and not quite portable, but it is still better than most generators in that power range.

Two Bonus Items

As an addition, we prepared two bonus items that you might find quite useful. It’s a parallel cable connector kit and a protective cover for the P3000 Briggs and Stratton inverter generator.

#1 Parallel Cable Connector Kit

This connector kit is ideal for those who want to increase power by connecting multiple generators. It lets you connect two P3000 or P2200 generators, or connect a P3000 to P2200. It’s is very useful for RV and small home appliances. The kit comes with a 1-year warranty that covers various defects in materials and workmanship.

#2 P3000 Protective Cover

If you want to increase your generator’s, you should invest in a high-quality protective cover. Briggs and Stratton sell protective covers in three sizes, at a relatively affordable price.

It’s very useful for protecting your generator during storage or transportation. With wrap-around strap, it provides a high-quality, secure fit. There is also an opening for the generator handle for easy portability, and the whole cover is made of durable, strong nylon.

We also like the side pockets for user-manual and accessory storage. It’s ideal to keep it all near the generator since you never know when you will need it.

What You Should Know About Briggs and Stratton Generators

Power Smart Series & Quiet Power Series

You might have noticed these on many Briggs and Stratton inverter generator reviews. So, what do these mean? Practically, Power Smart and Quiet Power are the same – or incredibly similar. It means that almost any generator Briggs and Stratton can satisfy two very important things.

At first, most of their generators are relatively quiet. Even the strongest, most powerful ones, are quieter than other generators with the same output power. Also, Briggs and Stratton’s generators are usually “Power Smart”. It means that they provide the best ratio of power and fuel consumption. In other words, they provide as much power as possible, while consuming less fuel than other, similar generators.

Parallel Technology – Ideal for People Who Need More Power Output

If you need a generator to support multiple power-consuming devices, then parallel technology is ideal for you. It allows you to connect two generators which will then work as one and provide double power. However, there are a few things that you should consider.

Speed Control

Each Briggs and Stratton generator operates at its own speed and frequency. When you connect two generators, their speed is locked to operate at the overall speed of the whole system. Also, the load of each generator affects the speed at which they will operate.


Synchronizing two generators is essential when connecting them to work together. You can also buy automatic synchronizing equipment which is very useful for beginner users. Like engine speeds, the voltage of each generator is locked at some overall value.

For example, if the voltage of one generator is higher than the voltage of others, it will bear the entire system. That’s why voltage regulation and synchronization is of great importance.

Genset Controller

In the end, you need to install controllers that check various parameters of generators’ engines. Each generator must have a controller, and all of them need to be connected to the master controller. These usually check for proper synchronization, load, voltage balance, and other similar stuff.

How Long Will a Generator Run?

One of the most important questions about best generators is how long can you run a generator on a full fuel tank. However, the answer can be slightly complicated. It mainly depends on the type of generator and what type of fuel you are using.

If your portable generators run on gasoline, don’t expect it to run for amazingly long periods of time. One of the main reasons is that you shouldn’t refuel the generator while it’s running. It might sound tempting, but it’s an extremely dangerous thing to do.

Running time varies from the generator to generator. It can go from 5-6 to 12 or more hours. Therefore, if you have a generator that can run for half a day on a fully loaded fuel tank, it’s pretty good.

Power and Outlets

Before talking about power and outlets, you first need to clarify how much power you need. For example, your refrigerator might need only 700 Watts to run. However, it might need around 2000 Watts to start, which might be the problem if you don’t have enough power.

When it comes to outlets, small inverter generators usually have two 120V AC outlets. Also, some of them might have USB ports as well. If you opt for a 4000W generator, it should have more 120V outlets and some 240V. Of course, you should always look for protected outlets. These are good protection against rain and storms.

Also, Pay Attention To


Portability might not seem like a problem at first. However, after some time, you might realize that you need to use the generator in multiple rooms. That’s where the problem occurs. Constantly moving generators from one room to another can get pretty annoying.

When it comes to portability, you should pay attention mainly to the generator’s weight. However, it’s very useful if the generator has wheels and a handle, which makes it easier to carry around.

Noise Level

Buying a product from Briggs and Stratton Inverter Generator Reviews means investing in a unit that you will use for a long time. Therefore, noise is another thing that you should consider. It’s ideal to buy a generator that produces 57-60 dB noise – it’s similar to a casual conversation. However, 70 dB and over might be too much, depending on how far you place the generator from home.

Starting the Generator

If you want a cheaper solution, you might want to skip the electric start. It does make things easier, but only if you are ready for an extra cost. Some generators use Lithium-Ion batteries, but most of them use lead-acid.

You should always keep the battery charged. However, it’s not a big deal. Most generators will allow you to plug the charger and maintain the battery level between uses.


Air-cooled or Liquid-cooled engine?

The first ones use fans to flow air to the engine, while liquid-cooled generators use specific lubrication systems. Liquid-cooling is usually better, however, you will need it only for high-wattage generators.

Do I Need Transfer Switch to Connect Generator to RV?

Yes, you do – it’s like connecting the generator to your home. You can try to find a way around and do it without a transfer switch, but it is too dangerous. Don’t try it if you are not an experienced electrician.

Running Watts vs. Starting Watts (Power)?

Let’s say that you own an air compressor that uses 900 Watts. Most people don’t know that when you start it, it will consume much more, probably around 1500 Watts. It will be only for a couple of seconds, and it’s known as the “starting power”. A few seconds later, it will start to work normally and consume the same power continuously, known as the “running power”.

Shortly, many devices need a lot of power to start, and less power to continue working. Your generator should provide enough power for all the devices to start properly.

Final Verdict

As you can see, choosing the right inverter generator might be a tricky job. However, if you choose any Briggs and Stratton generator from the above, you won’t go wrong. The units Yorator reviewed are thoughtfully tested and offer the best ratio of price and quality. Briggs and Stratton is a famous American manufacturer that never ceased to amaze us.

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