Honda EU3000i Handi vs EU3000is Handi (Comparison Guide 2021)

by Andrew Graf

When it comes to off-grid and RV living, one of the most important things to have is a high-quality portable generator. After some time spent in researching, we stumbled upon two great generators, Honda EU3000i Handi vs Honda EU3000is Handi. Even though they have similar model numbers, there are some significant differences.

Honda EU3000i Handi

Product information Details
Starting watts 3000
Running watts 2600
Fuel Gasoline
Tank Capacity 1.6 Gallons
Run Time 7 hours
Weight 78 lbs
Noise Level 52 dBA – 58 dBA

Oil Changes

Changing the oil on this 3000-watt generator is a piece of cake. It only takes about 5 minutes. On this generator oil changes are recommended every 100 hours.


In terms of quietness, Honda EU3000i Handi is one of the best generators you can find. During peak use, the generator still stays pretty silent. Therefore you can leave it running in the background when you go to sleep. Even standing right next to the generator while running, having a normal conversation won’t be a problem.

honda eu3000i handi review


Unlike the traditional Honda 3000 watt generator, this model weighs only about 78lbs. Due to its lightweight, it is quite portable and very easy to carry around. It also has two fixed handles that make carrying this product even easier. Another noteworthy feature is the wheel kit. It is very useful and extremely durable.

Fuel Economy

Due to its fuel consumption efficiency, with the Honda EU3000i Handi, you can get 7 hours on a single tank of fuel.

Double Power

Parallel capability is a feature that can really come in handy! You can easily link two EU3000i generators together using a special cable. This feature gives you extra power when needed, without having to buy a heavier generator. Therefore you get a lot more power and still have the portability.

Pros & Cons

  • Wheel kit
  • Lightweight
  • No starter motor
  • Fuel economy
  • Service ability
  • High Cost

Honda EU3000is Handi

Product information Details
Starting watts 3000
Running watts 2800
Fuel Gasoline
Tank Capacity 3.4 Gallons
Run Time 10 hours
Weight 131 lbs
Noise Level 50 dBA – 57 dBA

Honda EU3000is Handi is a way to go if you are in the need of a portable generator, quiet, but still powerful generator.


The EU3000is Handi model is definitely way more expensive than other, similarly powered generators. But on the other hand, it is way quieter than other generators, and it is way easier to get it serviced as there are many places that service Honda generators.

Honda EU3000is Handi review


Even though it is a bit heavier than the EU3000i Handi model and weighs about 131lb, it is still fairly portable. It also features a handle and two wheels for easier transportation. However, there is a reason the EU3000i Handi model is lighter! Honda EU3000i is a pull start-only version and doesn’t feature an electric starter motor. On the other side, the EU3000is model does have a starter motor built-in, which makes starting the generator a whole lot easier. But as a home backup, EU3000is also has a pull cord.


Honda EU3000is Handi may not be the quietest unit out there, but still, it is a lot quieter than most of the competition. With the powerful 4-stroke engine that produces 2,800 running watts of power and 3000 starting watts, you won’t have any problems running big electric equipment. But, if you ever feel like you need more power, you can always buy a parallel kit and connect two generators together.

Fuel Tank

Honda EU3000is Handi has a way bigger fuel tank than the EU3000i Handi model and gives you way better runtimes on a tank of fuel. Unlike the EU3000i Handi that can provide about 7 hours on a tank of fuel, the EU3000is can provide about 10 hours. However, the engine of the Honda EU3000is is quite bigger and has a higher running load capacity.


Regardless of the fact that this model has a bigger and more powerful engine than the Honda EU3000i, it is much quieter. This generator has acoustic sound insulation better than most generators in its class. The noise level is very low, between 50dBA and 57 dBA. So if you are looking for a generator you can use in campsites and residential areas, the Honda EU3000is Handi makes a great choice!


Just like all the other Honda generators, a EU3000is model is a well-made machine. Powered by the GX200, one of the best small gas engines, this model has proven to be a very durable generator. This OHV, 200cc engine is almost indestructible, even when pushed to its limits every day. The GX engine is the main reason why a lot of people, in the need of a heavy-duty machine, choose the Honda generators.

Pros & Cons

  • Wheel kit
  • Very quiet
  • Durable motor
  • Big fuel tank
  • Service ability
  • No fuel gauge
  • High Cost

Honda EU3000i Handi vs EU3000is Handi – FAQs


How many decibels is a Honda 3000 generator?

Both generators are pretty quiet, the EU3000is generator operates at 50 to 57 dBA, while the other one is just a little bit louder and operates at 52 to 58 dBA.

Is the size of a generator important?

It is very significant that you get a generator strong enough to handle all your power generation needs. Whether it is standby or prime power you need, if your generator doesn’t meet your requirements, it could lead to some serious damage on both the generator and the devices connected to it.

What is the power factor?

The power factor (pf) is basically the ratio between kW (kilowatts) and kVa (kilovolt amps). The ones with higher power factor can transfer energy to the connected load more efficiently. The standard power factor is .8.

Conclusion – Honda EU3000i Handi vs EU3000is Handi?

After considering all the factors, Yorator can confidently say that we are quite satisfied with the quality of both Honda EU3000i Handi and Honda EU3000is Handi. Not only are they both quiet, lightweight, and portable, but they also have many other cool features like the wheel kit and the handles that make them very convenient and easy to use.

The EU3000i model has the advantage of being a lot lighter and more portable. But it is also equipped with a smaller engine, GX 160 (160cc). However, it is as durable as all the GX engines out there. So if it is the portability that you are looking for, the EU3000i engine is the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you are in the need of a little bit more powerful engine, as well as the electric starter, you might want to consider buying the EU3000is.

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