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Going out into the woods on a camping or hiking trip is a great way to help you unwind, but being away from it all also means missing important calls and messages or could become a critical situation in some circumstances. Packing a generator on a hiking trip really isn’t possible; or is it? You can keep your electronic devices charged and operating if you take along a Poweradd Portable Generator. This review is going to examine the characteristic features and benefits of the Poweradd 100v Portable Generator.

We’ll take a look at its general specifications as well as take a closer look at some of the pros and cons associated with owning this generator. As an added bonus, we’ll even give you a quick peep into the experiences other users have had with this particular model. Once we have finished with our review, you should be well enough informed to decide whether the Poweradd is the right generator to fit your needs and expectations.

PowerAdd Portable Generator

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Poweradd Portable Generator Overview

Since there are neither charging centers nor power outlets out in the woods, and packing a gasoline-powered portable generator in your backpack is impossible, the assumption is that you will simply have to give up your electronic devices while you are out. The Poweradd Portable Generator turns that assumption on its side, because it is solar powered. This is a slender folding solar collector with 100-watt energy production capabilities. It is housed in a high strength and durable Oxford cloth case with IP54 moisture and shock protection. Poweradd’s portable solar panel also comes with the power inverter integrated into it so you don’t have to carry additional equipment.

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Pors and Cons

Its narrow folding case opens out into a solar collection panel that is approximately 24” x 45” x ½”. Integrated into the power inverter of this panel is a dual output port with a 5V/2.7A USB device charging port and an 18V/3.2A charging port for laptops, cameras and similar electronic devices. Also included with this unit are 10 adapters to accommodate the charging interface of various devices as well. Besides being slender, this portable solar generator is also very light, making it a perfect fit for backpack camping.

Best of all, you have no recoil cord to pull on until your arm is numb and no extra fuel to pack along. You simply open it up and start collecting energy to power your devices. If you want an environmentally-friendly, alternative power source to charge your electronic devices when you’re far away from a regular power source, then this is a practical and affordable option to keep in mind.

  • The Poweradd 100W Solar Charger is entirely eco-friendly utilizing solar power as its only fuel This unit is a reliable source of energy for keeping your electronic devices running and charged without the worry of having to carry along extra components or fuel You get a durable and waterproof solar collection panel with an integrated power inverter and the necessary charging ports for your devices It weighs only 6.4 pounds and is less than 1 ½” thick You don’t have to worry about whether or not it will start, you just open it up and start collecting energy Owning this unit does not require a major cash output This unit is backed by a 2 year warranty
  • You won’t be using this generator as an emergency backup system for appliances and lighting during a power outage During the hours of darkness or when it is overcast is dependent upon the adequacy of its power storage for providing power Its width dimensions are a little bit bulky for some backpackers
Poweradd Portable Generator

Opinions about the Poweradd Portable Generator

The positive comments concerning this portable solar generator far outweighed its negative ones with the majority of those comments centered around the durability and water resistant properties of the case and solar collector panel. Many users liked its slender profile and lightweight construction. One user commented that he used this generator to keep the batteries charged on his DC electrical system in his popup camper. The ease of use and rapid recharging capacity of the inverter were pretty impressive to a number of users as well. Its ease of use and the fact that you didn’t have to worry about starting were common positive comments as well. There were also comments on the negative side.

One user pointed out that the 18v capacity of this unit for charging a typical 12v battery could cause the electrolytes of the battery to boil out, draining the capacity of the battery, if it was connected longer than necessary. Other areas for improvement included its tendency for a lower than 100 watt output capacity, its regulated output staying consistently below 3.2 amps at 2.8 amps, and a few users even questioned its water resistance. The majority of negative comments tended to center around shipping and a few quality control issues that should have been resolved through customer service.


Though you won’t be keeping your refrigerator running during a power outage, you can keep your electronic devices running and charged while you are on a backpacking adventure far away from a regular power source. Our review of this Poweradd Portable Generator has provided you with a run-down of its main features and benefits, its technical specifications, its pros and cons and even the opinions of those who have used it. With this information, you can be confident that you are well qualified to make a decision concerning whether purchasing this portable generator is the right fit for you.

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